Membership Information

What is APICS?

APICS is an educational society dedicated to the life-long learning of all resource management professionals. The society was established on March 19 1957 by a small group of management professionals in Cleveland. The society has grown to 60000 members working in 20000 companies worldwide. APICS has members in 17 countries.

What types of membership are there?

The primary types of membership are individual, student and corporate membership. There is also a new Web membership.

How much are the chapter dues for individual membership?

To join the APICS Fraser Valley for one year is $150 U.S. for individual membership. Membership fees are payable to APICS Society. For additional information and to join, contact APICS Customer Support at (800) 444-APICS (2742)

What are the differences between a group site (corporate) and individual memberships?

A group site membership entitles a company to designate five employees as corporate voting members. The selected employees receive the full array of member benefits. The memberships belong to the company and are transferable. Billing is centralized, as all group site employees must have the same business address. Group or enterprise membership enables organizations to provide information and in-depth education and training to enhance their employees’ knowledge and skills. These membership packages are customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. For additional information and to join, contact APICS Customer Support at (800) 444-APICS (2742)

How much are the chapter dues for corporate membership?

APICS Fraser Valley’s corporate membership costs $650 U.S. for one year. Membership fees are payable to APICS society.

What is a Web membership?

Web membership is a new development for APICS. It serves the needs of Resource management professionals who work out of reach of an APICS chapter or are not interested in the networking opportunities. Web members are registered visitors to the APICS Online Community. Web members may browse the site, purchase materials and view open positions in the APICS Career Center

Student membership?

Students receive a reduced membership rate of $20 U.S. This membership is available to those pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university and engaged in the study of resource management or related fields. Download a student membership application today.

How do you become an APICS Member?

Go to the Membership section of the Web site and selectJoin APICS

Once I join how can I help my chapter?

Like any volunteer organization we have countless opportunities for you the member to help us the chapter reach more potential members, enhance the Professional development meetings, contribute content to the newsletter, help teach the APICS body of knowledge, etc., etc. You need only approach a member of the board and we will be happy to help.

Does the APICS Fraser Valley Chapter have a website?

Yes we do! Our address is

What do members of the Fraser Valley chapter of APICS do?

Members have access to local educational offerings that will enhance their knowledge of resource management topics. There are 7 professional development meetings each year where members network with other members, enjoy a hearty meal and listen to an insightful presentation. Members have a special plant tour in May of each year before we break for summer.

How will APICS membership benefit my company or me?

The driving force of the APICS mission is to add value to business performance, through the development of information, solutions and services. When you join the APICS community, you join nearly 60,000 individuals from more than 20,000 companies who recognize and support lifelong learning, standard bearing knowledge assessment, and innovative improvements to global productivity. Access to APICS education and solutions improves your understanding of the trends, challenges, and needs of the supply chain management professional. You learn more, your company’s bottom line improves-it is a win-win proposition.

How do I access the Members-Only sections on the APICS Web site?

If you have a current Professional (includes Honorary, Retired and Lifetime), Student, International, or Corporate (Group) membership you may access all areas of the site once you have logged in. If this is your first visit to the site, you will need to create a User Name and Password. Log in using your last name (User Name) and member ID (Password). Once you have registered, you will be required to change your User Name and Password. Check the Remember Me box, and you never have to log in again.

How are members notified when it is time to renew their membership?

Membership renewal notices are mailed three months prior to your membership expiration, the month of your membership expiration, and one month following your membership expiration if you do not renew after the second notice. You will also receive an alert when you visit the online community. You can always call a member of the APICS FV board to inquire as to the status of your membership.

How do I know my dues payment was received?

New and renewing members receive membership cards reflecting their new expiration dates following the receipt of payment at APICS. The member card packet also includes a receipt for membership dues paid, that you can use for reimbursement. When you visit the online community, you may verify your membership expiration by going to the My Info section.

What do my membership dues pay for?

Membership dues for North American members are composed of Society dues ($95 U.S.) and individual chapter dues ($55 U.S. APICS FV). Chapter dues vary from chapter to chapter. Chapter dues allow chapters to provide support such as monthly newsletters, Web site, discounted professional development meetings and educational services. Society dues cover such services as:

  • a subscription to the award winning magazine, APICS-The Performance Advantage
  • publication of the Production and Management Quarterly journal (archived online in the Publications database)
  • distribution of the conference proceedings (available to members free of charge, upon request)
  • production and distribution of the APICS Dictionary (searchable version available online)
  • development of member only benefits and services
  • development of the APICS Career Center

How do I make changes to my membership record?

Address and email changes can be made online. After you have logged in, click on the View/Edit My Info in the Welcome box on the upper left side of the screen. You will be able to edit your address, select SIGs, view history of recent Web purchases and change your web password. To change your chapter designation or request a membership refund contact APICS Customer Support at (800) 444-APICS or (703) 354-8851 or e-mail APICS HQ at [email protected]

Why did we form a new chapter in the Fraser Valley?

The Vancouver chapter saw the need for expansion into the Fraser valley. Membership in Vancouver was swelling and some members found that the drive to APICS events was too far. The Fraser Valley Chapter was created to better serve existing members and reach out to geographically new members.

What area does the Fraser Valley Chapter cover versus Vancouver?

The area that the Fraser Valley Chapter serves is from 152 street in Surrey to Hope on the South side of the river, and from Port Coquitlam to Mission on the North side of the river.

If I live in the Fraser Valley can I still attend functions or educational offerings at other Chapters?

Yes. As an APICS member you can move freely across the boundaries and enjoy the services of all chapters.

What educational offerings are there?

The main society website has information about all APICS educational offerings. The address is

Is my membership tax deductible?

Corporate memberships are tax deductible as a business expense. Individual memberships are tax deductible if you run your own business. Members are advised, however to consult with a tax expert on any issues related to their personal or business income tax.

How can I contact a board member?

The Fraser Valley Board can be contacted through the contact us section of the Fraser Valley website.